Data Science Training

This page provides links to my data science trainings. Understanding how to analyze and identify patterns in data has become an increasingly important skill, and I’m always working to expand my data science toolkit. To that end, I write these trainings both for myself and for curious students.

Each page contains a brief description of how I use the particular programming language or data viewer and what I view as the particular strengths of that application. One key point is that these are all tools. There is virtually nothing that you can accomplish in one of these that you can’t accomplish in another. That being said, it will be much more challenging to work with 12 datasets in Stata than it will be in R. Similarly, while SAS certainly can strip out embedded line breaks from messy data, Python will offer a much simpler solution. Choosing a data science tool is balancing act between which one you know best, which is best suited for the job, and the particular requirements for your project. Knowing additional tools will always be a useful quality in this arena.