Python Pandas Training

Python Pandas Training

Python Pandas represents an up-and-coming data science tool. Pandas is a Python module or software library that comprises data object classes and functions to edit data. The name is in fact a play on “Python data analysis,” and it was first developed by Wes McKinney between 2007-2010

The key advantages of Python Pandas are:

  1. Easy integration with the Python programming language.
  2. Strong data visualization libraries including three-dimensional modelling.
  3. Easy to load multiple dataframes and objects at once.

The key disadvantages of Python Pandas are:

  1. It is slow compared to other psuedo-programming data tools.
  2. Lack of standardized syntax for functions. The module is largely still in development.

With these points in mind, I generally use Pandas in cases when I want to integrate some other Python script or module into my data analysis. Python is a very easy language to learn, so I like to code really specific tasks in Python rather than in Stata or R.